For over 30 years, we’ve framed favorite family photos, beloved art prints, original oil paintings on canvas, and more. Let us frame what is special to you today.


Whether it’s a national park patch collection, an autographed sports jersey, or an exhibit for the Dennos Museum, we’ll curate a display you’ll be proud of for years to come. 

Photo and Painting Resoration

Do you have a faded portrait or an oil painting in need of a little TLC? Through our partnerships with local restoration experts, we can help bring the color back.

Medals, maps, and baby booties.

Don’t let special treasures from memories past gather dust in the back of your closet. Make them an art piece! Not only do they give your walls character, but they also personalize your space. Plus, baby booties are downright adorable.  

If you love it, we love it.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain what makes art special, it just is. And most times, it’s these indescribable art pieces that we value most and want to protect most. At McMillen’s, if it’s special to you, it’s special to us, and we will handle your art with care, start to finish. You can trust us to help tell your art’s story (and maybe in ways you’d never expect).

Imagine the possibilities.

Todd’s Blog

Learn from Todd himself as he shares his unmatched expertise on everything from how to best display your art to factoids about his favorite artists. Blog updated regularly! 

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Meet todd

For more than 30 years, owner and founder Todd McMillen has used his professional picture framing skills and art expertise to help bring more depth to your walls and color to your home.

Stop in to chat about how to make your favorite art piece pop today! The jury is still out on whether your senior photo from the 80s qualifies as art, but we say YES.