Words of Wisdom from Mr. Smarty Pants





I’ve been told that you know you have “arrived” when other’s ask you to comment or speak about your profession. I must be honest with you all; I never have really fancied myself as any kind of prolific picture framer:  I’ve just done it for a long time.

Recently, a Michigan based magazine, Michigan Home and Lifestyle, asked me to write an article for them about the History of Picture Framing.  The topic was followed a few issues later by How to Create a Family Wall.  But I think I may be getting a fat head: I was asked a THIRD time to write about holiday gift giving. Below is a copy of the article.  What I like about it is the reader of this blog gets the first opportunity for gift giving ideas.  And the first to be in line to get your work in time for Christmas.  And you can make fun of me.

As the holiday season is upon us and we begin our holiday traditions, many things play into the mix.  The perfect outfit for that holiday party – the Christmas tree decorated just right – and the holiday meal planned weeks in advance.  And then begins the never ending struggle:  The perfect, and personal, holiday gift.  For some, the gift is being thought of in the fall before the outside lights are even checked, while others wait until the last moment. In a time where the internet allows you to find the perfect “red sweater”, stop and take a look around your home. The perfect holiday gifts is right in front of you; a cherished keepsake.  Now, add custom framing.   Your gift now just became the perfect heirloom.

The gift ideas are limitless. You could start with a family photograph, or perhaps a photo that marked a special occasion for the year – like a birth or marriage. You could take a number of photographs, and arrange them within one frame. Add a personal touch with a date in calligraphy, or watercolor an image onto the mat. These special thoughts and extras are not cost prohibitive, and add personality and depth to any story you choose to frame.

There are movie posters or concert tickets to frame from your first date. Bottle caps with a baseball from a special home run. A ribbon from your first 5K.  Or that special pin collection from your days of traveling.  And let’s not forget those newlyweds that certainly could use their first piece of art on the wall.  Perhaps they already have their first piece?  Experiencing custom framing  is something everyone enjoys doing, and good picture framed correctly will last a lifetime.

Want to take it a step farther? Why not visit your local framer, and see the vast amounts of ideas for holiday giving. Your Great Grandfather’s military flag, your grandmother’s wedding veil, or your parent’s wedding announcement are just places to start to begin a family wall of traditions.  Now, add to that your engagement photo, your son’s handprints, and your daughter’s dancing slippers. You now have a family gallery to pass down for generations to come.  These ideas are thoughtful, and very personal; unique to the individual they are gifted to.

Really, there is no reason to panic.  Most picture framers only need a week or two notice.  With a warm thought, a good eye, and some limitless possibilities, you can be certain your personal gift of custom framing will be well received and enjoyed for years to come.  More so than your aunt’s fruitcake.