What’s Your Style?

american-livingThere are so many trends. After 25-plus years in this business, I think I have them all memorized, and then a new one comes along with a whole new palate of color, and a fancy new name.

I’m told I live in a Mid-Century Modern house and my store is Lake Shore/ Cottage. The place I go for lunch is called Garage Glam, and the place for dinner is called Urban Sheik. It really doesn’t matter what you call your living room. I usually call mine A-Mess…get it? I think it’s funny, but the way you accessorize your home and the correct extension to your piece of art through its framing is really the work of a professional.

I believe in the Interior Designers. (Custom Picture Framers, Professional Drapery people, and an Electrician that isn’t your neighbor with a screw driver.)

And I’ll tell you why.

Contemporary-DesignBecause I’m on dining room fixture #4, and I still don’t like it. It takes most of the day for me to get the old light down, get the new one figured out, and not electrocute myself. I have spent on the average around $150-ish for each fixture, bought at my local do-it-yourself-mega-box-football-field-size store. That’s $600 plus 4 Saturdays, and though no longer on my dining room ceiling, the collection now grows in my garage.

There is a service that is gifted from the universe to you; The Interior Designer. Think you can’t afford one? Think again! They are there to save you time and money. Unless you have all Saturdays for a month or two to shop across the state for your new carpet, only to spend thousands of dollars, and have it off a shade. THEN, going out and buying 47 throw pillows to try and “pull the room together “only to have your friends make fun of your obsession with throw pillows (Yes, this is another issue I’ve run into). A good designer will not only earn their hourly rate, but they will save you enough money to be able to buy them dinner at that new place..the new one that just opened up…you can’t miss it; their décor is Club Casual with a Tuscan Flair. And you think you’ll only be able to buy the designer’s products and costly services? (You really need to chill..!) Most designers will take you shopping at your places, and it’s a funny thing…they see things totally different than you do.

2759977800_3f25aafa05The same applies to your framing. Your Local Framer has the resources to make your treasure a one of a kind. And it’s not expensive like you are lead to believe. Your framer has color on the walls with wonderful samples; the box shop has one sample, in 4 colors (those would be brown, black, “mud” and a “mahogany” that we have never seen in nature.) Independent framers can actually trouble shoot your design solutions with great suggestions, and the small framer has delivery and installation services. They also keep the history of your project, so they know firsthand what kind of glass you need and what’s hanging next to the piece you are currently framing.

Below are a few links to some interior designers/services in the Grand Traverse region. (If you are a designer and would like to be listed, drop up a note – we’d love to do a link!)

Of note, I like my new light fixture my interior designer picked out. It fits perfectly above my dining room table. She billed me for a half hour design time ($40), and the electrician put it up when he was called over for some outlets. It took him about 20 minutes. The fixture cost $238.39. Funny, about $325 for perfection. A much better price than the $600 in fixtures and four lights collecting dust.


Interior Designers of Traverse City

There are many wonderful designers in our region, each with his or her own style. Here’s just a few of our favorites: