Bryan Crouch Traverse City

Why have a bust of community leaders?

Many cities you visit throughout Michigan today have prominent busts and monuments of community leaders that represent the area history. Traverse City has several pieces of artwork displayed throughout the city, but currently no busts. The Traverse City Arts Commission is working to change this and has proposed the first of many pieces of artwork to be displayed in the city through the Public Art Program. The first piece is a bust of late Downtown Development Authority Director Bryan Crough.

Change Brings Uncertainty

Visionary Bryan Crough dedicated 23 years to Traverse City and his leadership starting in the 1990’s brought the downtown from failing to thriving. He worked tirelessly on restoring many historic buildings to their current glory, including the City Opera House, State Theatre and the History Center. He was also a strong voice for bringing artwork into public spaces within the area, such as the statues in Clinch Park.

Monumental Vote

Tonight, the Traverse City Commission is set to vote on whether a bust of Bryan Crough will move forward. There is strong support from both sides. This is the first proposed piece of art from the Public Art Program since inception, and naturally means the first project to go through the newly outlined process within the master plan. Some commissioners strongly support the bust of Bryan Crough, while others have expressed uncertainty because there are not specific regulations on choosing which historic community leaders to honor with a bust.

All change brings uncertainty, but if the bust is passed it will open the door for generations to come to not only learn about and remember Crough’s hardwork, but also become more active in bringing more art within the community. Show your support of bringing more art to Traverse City by following what the Traverse City Arts Commission is proposing and attending City Commission meetings.