The Treasure on Old Mission Peninsula

Nothing goes together better with art than a glass of wine.  And nothing is better than wine with a great piece of art on the bottle!  And that is where we start with our friend,  Kathy Marks, who recently had her work selected by Bowers Harbor Vineyards.  Her art work, which features an image of the Mission Point Lighthouse, serves a dual purpose.  Not only does her watercolor grace the bottle of Bower’s 2017 Pinot Grigio Lighthouse Wine, but the proceeds of the sale of the wine benefit the restoration and upkeep of a local treasure, Old Mission Lighthouse. Located just a few miles north of Traverse City, the lighthouse, which was decommissioned in 1933, represents a time when the waterways of this region where the gateway for those who lived and worked in the region.

Kathy, a graduate of Michigan State University with a degree in art, lived in California with her husband.  Her career was in the field of animation, where she actually worked on such cartoons as The Pink Panther, and Charlie Tuna of tuna fame! She met and worked with such greats as Dr Seuss and Mel Blanc; a pretty fun- and impressive -resume.  She returned with her husband to the Traverse Area for retirement, but with that great creative background, it only seems natural the she would continue to paint and illustrate.  Way to go, Kathy!

If you are interested in the support of the lighthouse, or want nothing more than to drink wine, you can do both by visiting, and purchasing a bottle.


Header photo: Snap Happy Gal Photography