The Game Of Life

Everyday, when I go into the bank lobby of Northwestern Bank, there is a little area that features a Business of the Week.  I have seen diapers and shoes, but I believed it was time to feature the town’s framer!

I thought of how the bank always seems to have our money, and that made me think of the game Monopoly, which in turn made me think of The Game of Life. Remember as kids, trying to make the spinner move so fast that it would fly off the board!

So we started with a couple of board games from a local retailer.  My team and I created a piece of interest, and although all of the products that are used in the store and for this project are considered “archival”, a few of our pieces have been adhered by silicone or epoxy, which is not a preservation practice. Our objective was to create a piece that had the illusion of game pieces “flying” off the board.  We still kept in mind light sensitivity, and cotton based materials.

We started by measuring the space, and actually custom made the box proportionate to the area.  Always believing that local is best, we used a Traverse City distributor – Nelson’s Framing and Molding – to create our special black shadow box.  (Frame number L-3222, with extender L-3223).

All of the Crescent mat board used was cotton content (Crescent #1622 & #1521).  To create the look of floating and “flying”, we used Tru-Vue’s AntiReflective Glass(Please note: though this glass has some UV protection, this is a glaze we would not recommend on pure conservation framing.  We used this glass because of it’s ability to “disappear” for our design objective). Through layers of foamcore, “lifts”, and spacers, our Monopoly houses look as if they were lifted off to Kansas!   All of Tru-Vue glasses are available through our store.

The piece took 5 hours to complete, start to finish, and measures 31” wide, and stands 58” tall.  The retail value of this project would be $1195, and was later featured in our window during the Thanksgiving weekend.