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Collage of Cameron Farley and her work
If you are anything like me, although you cannot create a masterpiece gripping a pallet and brush, you love and appreciate the work of a true artist. We love art because it speaks to us, it speaks about us: it speaks of our lives, our hopes, and brings to light our very imaginings. Cameron Farley […]
“Excuse me?! Picture Framer? Can you sell me NOTHING for around my picture?” It’s been happening a lot lately. Someone comes into my store – it’s busy, full of ideas and examples, people picking up; and someone says “Hi. I want to frame this picture, but I really don’t want a frame around it”. Let’s […]
There are so many trends. After 25-plus years in this business, I think I have them all memorized, and then a new one comes along with a whole new palate of color, and a fancy new name. I’m told I live in a Mid-Century Modern house and my store is Lake Shore/ Cottage. The place […]
Sharon Kelley Calligraphy
There are some people that just shine – and there are some people that make you shine when they stand next to you. Sharon Kelley is both of these things. With her pretty blue eyes, and our long friendship, I cannot begin to express how lucky I am to have her as not only as […]
In Sheri’s words… These works on paper have come to life because I am privileged to live here in downtown Traverse City. The roads I walk, bike and drive upon yield up continuous visual and musical blessings that process out through my fingertips into these pieces. They come from the sights and sounds you see […]