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People can shadow box a menagerie of things—not only sports team jerseys. This week, Dr. John Hanford, a local optometrist, brought in some vintage pairs of eyeglasses. These antique eyeglasses proved to be quite interesting, and most pairs date back to the 30s and 40s. Each eyeglass frame, assembled in real gold, had to be […]
The Framer’s Next Question: WHAT are you talking about? WE CAN DO IT! I’ve blogged about some pretty crazy things: People coming into the framer, wanting no frame; my famous Black is NOT a Frame: IT is a LINE, and the ever-popular “My first show is at the coffee house.” But I had something recently […]
As a professional framer, I have been asked many questions regarding the care and preservation of artwork.  Some of the answers come from a basic knowledge of proper handling and care of art, while some solutions come from the client’s point of view. I am often surprised by how many customers just want to “put a […]
I have been around as long as roaches.  Not really, but I have been in business for 27 years, and I still ask myself, “Why am I still here?”  I know I still enjoy what I do, and the occupation seems to keep re-inventing itself.  I find I do things, now, that I did all […]
Talk to anyone, and they will tell you that one of the many things Traverse City is known for is the historic Park Place Hotel. Located in the heart of Downtown Traverse City, the hotel has been in existence since 1873, and has endured numerous changes. But this crown jewel still continues to attract many […]
Years ago (don’t be rude by asking me how many) we as framers only had 2 kinds of glass to work with: Regular (glaringly clear) and Non-Glare (frosty like an ice storm). Boy have times changed! Glazing (glass) choices now are so fine-tuned that there is a perfect option for any job. Let’s explore further… […]
After a little break from the storefronts of Traverse City, renowned photographer Ken Scott (www.kenscottphotography.com) arrives at McMillen’s Custom Framing this spring to show us that once again, the area we live in is worth the experience. And we’re moving the store around to accommodate all his newest and greatest images! We’ve all seen the […]
I have another item to add to my “List of the Unusual”: Coral – A pretty fragile item. The customer wished to make it a “statement” piece in a garden tub area. Though a large piece (Inside dimensions of 30 x 32), I thought the piece was rather “light”, and wanted something simple in the […]
During this years’ Winter Comedy Festival, McMillen’s is a proud sponsor of the best comedian in all the world – Kathleen Madigan! This extremely funny lady will be featured at the Traverse City Opera House and being such a proud downtown Traverse City merchant, McMillen’s invites you to join in all the laughs, and support a […]
Wouldn’t it be great to see art on every street corner?  See it in every store front, maybe hear music on the Open Space, or see dancing in the street?  This is what the partnership of The Downtown Traverse City Association and the Traverse City Arts Center are trying to bring to the community this spring of […]