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People can shadow box a menagerie of things—not only sports team jerseys. This week, Dr. John Hanford, […]
The Framer’s Next Question: WHAT are you talking about? WE CAN DO IT! I’ve blogged about some […]
As a professional framer, I have been asked many questions regarding the care and preservation of artwork.  […]
I have been around as long as roaches.  Not really, but I have been in business for […]
Talk to anyone, and they will tell you that one of the many things Traverse City is […]
Years ago (don’t be rude by asking me how many) we as framers only had 2 kinds […]
After a little break from the storefronts of Traverse City, renowned photographer Ken Scott ( arrives at […]
I have another item to add to my “List of the Unusual”: Coral – A pretty fragile […]
During this years’ Winter Comedy Festival, McMillen’s is a proud sponsor of the best comedian in all […]
Wouldn’t it be great to see art on every street corner?  See it in every store front, […]