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The Framer’s Next Question: WHAT are you talking about? WE CAN DO IT! I’ve blogged about some pretty crazy things: People coming into the framer, wanting no frame; my famous Black is NOT a Frame: IT is a LINE, and the ever-popular “My first show is at the coffee house.” But I had something recently […]
“Excuse me?! Picture Framer? Can you sell me NOTHING for around my picture?” It’s been happening a lot lately. Someone comes into my store – it’s busy, full of ideas and examples, people picking up; and someone says “Hi. I want to frame this picture, but I really don’t want a frame around it”. Let’s […]
Once again, McMillen’s Custom Framing is excited to bring you its featured artist for the spring, 2014 Art Walk Season. Photographer Tracy Ross will be sharing his latest portfolio of Intimate Landscapes on Friday, May 2, 2014, from 5pm to 9pm, at our store.  The show is definitely one that will make you stop and […]
We do that, too! Your piece is always treated as if it’s the only thing in the store…but sometimes, there is up to hundreds of pieces within the four walls of McMillen’s. We can do volumes of framing for your office, hotel, even a museum. We can frame a priceless collection, or work on a […]
Years ago (don’t be rude by asking me how many) we as framers only had 2 kinds of glass to work with: Regular (glaringly clear) and Non-Glare (frosty like an ice storm). Boy have times changed! Glazing (glass) choices now are so fine-tuned that there is a perfect option for any job. Let’s explore further… […]
There are so many trends. After 25-plus years in this business, I think I have them all memorized, and then a new one comes along with a whole new palate of color, and a fancy new name. I’m told I live in a Mid-Century Modern house and my store is Lake Shore/ Cottage. The place […]