Red Wing Jersey Project

The Red Wings Were Hung In The Game Room With Care… In hopes that there fighting spirit would soon fill the air.

McMillen’s has done many jerseys; Football, Basketball, and Hockey.  We’ve also custom framed Field Events, Medals, Varsity Letters, and War Memorabilia (We’ve even done a full WWII Eisenhower Jacket!).  Christening Dresses add to any nursery, and  if you have even more ideas, we can find a creative solution.

The Jersey display really added to this game room, showing off this families team loyalty. What sports memorabilia would you like framed? We’ve seen all kinds! Footballs, Baseballs, and autographed magazines. The possibilities are truly endless!

We also do acrylic boxes to showcase dolls and other precious items.  We can do your acrylics for walls, pedestals – anything you can think of.  If you need something even more “museum quality”, our friends at Showcase Acrylics have assisted us in design applications for museums, college campuses, and government entities.  Please call ahead – or ask for a service call to your home or office – and let us help you find a style for your environment.

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