Preserving Mickey Mouse

Imagine walking down the street, and finding a treasure such as this!  That’s exactly what happened to the young man (though, many years ago!) who was visiting a friend in Chicago. While walking down an alley one day, he found this rare Mickey Mouse doll. He knew it was old, but 45 years later he decided to appreciate what he found, and McMillen’s was able to assist him in properly displaying his find, with the help of Showcase Acrylics.

The mouse is in pristine condition, and measures 12” high. Gemini Molding, the parent company of Showcase Acrylics, had a wonderful selection of bases to choose from, as well as the ability to pick what type of edges the acrylic box itself can have.  A classic look was picked for the mouse, and he is encased in Optimum Acrylic by Tru-Vue. The box measures 14” wide, is 10” deep, and stands 16” high from base to top. It is of museum quality and this box with stand costs around $425.

Not sure if it’s worth it?  Imagine the worth of the doll….