Picture Groupings

Many people say to me, “Hey Todd, how do we do a picture grouping on our walls?”
And to that, I say, “A NAIL!”

BUT, you would be surprised to learn that I have framed for many clients over the years, only to do a service call at their home, and learn not one picture is hung on the wall – they are all on the floor, leaning against the wall. I’m sure there is a name for this phobia, though what it would be, I do not know…

I was recently looking through photos, and found three jobs that addressed groupings, each with it’s own personality, each with a different objective, and all with great results.

The first grouping is for my friend, Shannon, where we did artwork featuring local artists and local events to the area. I like the layout a lot. Her wall shows the Dennos Museum and the Inuit Collection, the National Cherry Festival, The State Hospital, the TART trail, and wine tasting within the region. Each image is framed specific to its artist, and the framing is just as fun as all the images themselves.

Another project, done for our friend Darcy, features images from her college sorority. This collection used different frames that relate, and we added calligraphy from our house calligrapher instead of brass plates for a more personal and feminine look. The collection comes across professional for it’s setting, but speaks personally to the viewer.

And then, we have our friend, Marianne. An avid photographer, there was just not enough room in her home for her mast collection of images. Installed is a hanging system, and her images can be changes in and out as she wishes. The beauty of this install is that each of her artworks are framed totally different, but the system adds a continuity that lets the viewer take everything in as a whole. I like the way she has displayed; I think it’s playful and fun, yet to my eye does not look overdone.

So there you have it folks: three ideas, ready to capture. the sky is your limit. Nail on!