The Picture Frame: Boundary between Art and Reality

I actually think this by-line is pretty funny, and plan on using it in advertising.  Custom Framing: Boundary between Art and Reality.  The History of the Picture Frame was recently shared through a Framer’s Blog.  The Article talks about The Art of the Picture Frame on the web site of the National Gallery.  The most amazing thing the gallery’s website does is helps establish and define the period of which a frame is from, and that can  help a framer sell a particular style to a client.

” The picture frame has existed as long as pictures have been moveable; the frame protects is moveable edges.  The frame may have started out as a form of protection, but its symbolic purpose soon became equally important.  A frame separates the work of art from it’s surroundings., and helps the viewer focus attention.  The frame can become an extension of the piece, become part of the setting the artwork is displayed in, or be part of an ‘architectural scheme’. ” 

But the best line in this article?  “A frame marks out a picture as a picture – an illusion, rather than a reality.”  Well said, Jacob Simon.

Below are a few of the styles that have defined the era of art with framing.  Take a look, and see if you can determine where the frames come from, and who could have possibly frames their artwork like this.