Order in the Court!

It really is all about relationships.

After being in the downtown area for over thirty years, I pretty much know everyone.  Around the corner from my store is a lawyer that I have known for many years.  His name is Craig Elhart, and he has been a practicing lawyer for long as I can remember.  The law firm recently contacted Bethany for a different kind of project, and I thought it turned out really amazing.

What Craig wanted was photographs of all the different courthouses throughout Michigan he and his associates have presented cases in, and there are many!  But we started with a sampling, and created an impressive entrance to the associates offices.








John Robert Williams provided the Grand Traverse Courthouse. The rest of the images came from a text book source that was found on the web-www.capitolshots.com/.   The image house has stock photography for purchase of all historical buildings across the country, and then some.  Available in different sizes, we created the start of our collection with a dozen or so in different sizes.  Using 4 shades of cream mat board, we selected Engelson Frames out of Detroit, MI, for the variety and value, seeking a great red cherry finish to warm up the long hall.  The images are just the “main stay” of the courthouses that the firm has appeared in, and the wall will grow with smaller images tucked into the collage, here and there.

The job was different, and fun to do.  It’s a great feeling when your reputation is of which you can have free rein over selection and placement. The installation was fun, with our host (Mr. Elhart) watching from his office.  I always think it’s funny when someone says “Man, you did that fast!”, just as my client did.  Well Mr. Elhart, Thank You.  You have the law degree;  the picture hanging is from all the years I studied rocket science.