Northern Michigan Artists

Did you know that there is a secret society of talented Artists and individuals, here in Northern Michigan?

Well, there is, and they are a great representation of the talent throughout our area. And on their facebook page, not only to they share their works, but locations where to purchase it, and classes and events which showcase and feature their work.

Such artists include Royce Deans of the Artist’s Table, Art instructor Adam VanHouten, and Upper Penninsula Artist Shena Sloboda, along with Traverse City’s best kept secret, up and coming Mitchell Truemner. These artists capture life and living in Northern Michigan, and the links even let you listen to the latest music scene being captured in the area.

So, take a moment, and visit the Fan Page. You’ll get to see what the cool kids are doing, and check out their latest work. Want to get up close and personal? You can always visit Traverse City’s Crooked Tree Arts Council for the latest exhibits and learn of the latest competitions.