Through The Camera’s Eye: Meet Heather Higham

Heather Higham Sunset

There are Commercial Photographers, Wedding/Portrait Photographers, and even moms who go on line to create photo albums.  I have seen dentists that have taken old X-rays and made photographs, and I have even had a doctor in that has photographed and printed vascular studies within the body!  Even the average John can now take a photo using a phone, and proclaim great photo success, worthy of framing.

Technology has made the art of the photograph available to everyone.  While some have great success in this digital age, what many don’t realize that there is a gift for perception – something that makes a photograph conjure an emotion or reaction – that makes a photograph a true success.  Unlike a painting (that stirs an recollection or emotion), a photograph makes you recall an actual time or event in life; you can actually see this image in your brain, and relate to it almost immediately.   Please meet this season’s store photographer, Heather Higham.

Heather, our Snap Happy Gal, comes to us from the Georgia mountains, and relocated to northern Michigan for career opportunities about 6 years ago.  She has photographed the Northern Lights, Ice Caves, and Shipwrecks through the camera eye. She takes the perfect photograph. Always expressing gratitude, she encourages others as well to experience the great Northern Michigan landscape for themselves.

Our store will be spotlighting Heathers work until spring, and we have both framed and unframed presentations.  Her work is available in different sizes upon request.  You may also visit Heather’s Facebook that features images that change almost daily.  Please contact us if you have any questions about any photographer in the area, and if have any questions on printing needs.  Though we represent many great photographers, we are sorry, but we do not feature Ansel Adams.  But we do know where you can get one….