Marshall’s Treasures

Marshall Anderson was just an 8 year old kid from Ludington, Michigan.

He was the big brother to his 5 year old little sister, Mary Alma. They played along the shores of Lake Michigan, and on special Sundays, their mother took them to go see Grandma Eunice over on Hamlin Lake. Marshall liked his grandmother. She gave him pennies for candy at the corner store. He always held his sister’s hand tightly, and they would share an make an adventure as they walked to town.


Talking of soldiers and far places, they looked through marbles up at the sky (his favorite was the green one his Uncle Percy found for him), Marshal kept his treasures in a leather pouch. His grandfather said the pouch was from the reservation, and many years old. He gave the old leather sack to Marshall for being such a good student. Inside held two special arrow heads Marshal was sure was mystical, just like the shark teeth he and Mary Alma found in the sand when the family went to the Pacific Ocean last summer. These are Marshall’s treasures.

We started Marshall’s Box with measurement and placing the items on Crescent mat board #7588, khaki linen. We have sewn on all items with filament where applicable; the marbles have been cleansilicones to the backing and spacer, and can be easily removed. Our frame is Larson-Juhl #663176 with fillet #126961qadded to the inside lip. The frame around Marshall & Mary Alma’s picture was found at a yard sale for $1. The piece was finished with Tru Vue Museum Glass, and took 2 hours to complete. The finished size is 12×21, and was constructed at the cost of $480.00.