Our Latest Acrylic Box

Another challenge recently came into McMillens; a 5′ square silk rug.  Though the project was large, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary when the customer requested an acrylic box.  That’s where Gemini Moulding comes to play.

With a division that specializes in acrylic display, Gemini ‘s Showcase Acrylics has helped us many times with our museum projects.

We began by building a 60″ square strainer, and covering the top with Acid Free Foamboard.  Using a matching cotton fabric that related to the rug, we covered the base / strainer, making sure we folded over the edge to prevent fraying.  Laying our rug as square as possible, and starting in the middle, we began to sew around the edge through the fabric and foam board.  Checking our measurement ever 1/4″, and walking around the rug to make sure it was in square to the base, the process of sewing took about 6 hours.

Upon completion, our UV protective lid was lowered onto the piece, and screwed to the strainer.  D-rings were used to ensure a proper flush and level hanging.  This job, start to finish, took 6 weeks (to fabricate the box), 9 hours to complete, and cost right around $1900.

If you look at Our Services in the McMillens site, you will see other examples of finished work using acrylic box applications.  Our showroom also features other uses for acrylic display in picture framing.