It Happened Again. The Same Old Question.

It happened again.  I’m asked the same question, at least once a week – the same question for 30 plus years.

Why is Custom Framing so Expensive?

I thought it would be in everybody’s best interest to answer this question, using my blog, with the hopes that my words will reach the masses through the world wide web.  Picture Framing is not expensive; your perception of it, however, is.

Let’s use photography as an example.  There used to be a time when photography was considered an art form for the wealthy, and used only to chronical historical events.  A prime example?  Not even 100 years ago, you really only had your picture taken twice in your lifetime:  The first was your senior picture in high school, which benchmarked your education.  The second, your wedding day, which captured your life’s event.  As the medium became even more popular,  cameras became more affordable.  Today, we have a camera on our phone.  We hardly ever see a studio shot of a senior portrait.  Every invited guest can photograph your wedding.

Now, look at picture framing.  If you needed something framed way back when, you had the portrait studio put a frame around the image.  Then, you could go to the local department store who had a small framing section in the furniture department.  In the late 70’s, do-it-yourself places took the country by storm.  Now, you can buy about any frame – or any thing, for that matter – to put on your wall from a box shop.

What happen to me?  Well, I went from being your picture framer who helped you put stuff on your walls, to your picture preserver, who helped you maintain the integrity of those turn of the century keepsakes.  It’s like the difference between an Interior Designer and a Decorator.  Oh sure, they both can help you pick a color, but I think that Interior Designer knows more about light and space relations than the person who wants to sell you wallpaper that matches your bedspread.

So, I ask you this question:  What’s more important?  Framing grandma’s wedding picture to last a lifetime, or spending hundreds to save grandma’s picture from being a total loss?  THAT’S the value of picture framing.  And, you should have listened to the designer, because the decorator was the one who sold you that shag carpet