dewey4As a framer and merchant for almost 30 years, I have met a lot of people, seen a lot of trends, and had the opportunity to participate in many public art initiatives. Art is always subjective to the person who perceives it; what I like, you may not. What you think as “art”, I may disagree. But everyone agrees that art is personal, and resonates a personal feeling, and the beauty and joy are different experiences for everyone. That sounded like a run on sentence… I have a point here, just stay with me…

I was watching TV the other day, and there was something on some talk show about a comedian who used to be a doctor in a “prior life”, who now plays a comedic doctor on a TV show – it was that “life imitates art” thing. I was thinking that I knew someone who had done just that – reinvented himself from that white collar profession into an artist. And then I remembered who: Our own Dewey Blocksma.

I remembered his story, because I remember meeting him and thinking what a nice guy he is, and how talented as well. I’ve had so/so artists in the store that may light up the room when they walk in; I’ve also had some of the most talented people in that I have ever witnessed, and had the personality of cabbage. But Dewey Blocksma…now, there’s a guy with both talent, and the charm.

Having been a former ER doctor, Dewey’s assemblages from found objects are some of the most charming 3D sculptures with whimsical attributes all onto themselves. His work may be viewed in such places as the Michigan Legacy Art Park , Art Rapids in Elk Rapids, and in our own city in front of the Chamber of Commerce building. And, you may own a more intimate table-top sculpture, by visiting the Dennos Museum Center’s gift shop , or his host gallery in Northern Michigan, Tamarack Gallery. And I don’t think anyone can not go without a piece of his work; I myself, own three.

I don’t see Dewey very often – I seem to run into him at some charity event, or rubber-chicken dinner once or twice a year. But when I do, I always say to myself, “what a great person – and artist!”