Glass – What’s all the fuss about?

Years ago (don’t be rude by asking me how many) we as framers only had 2 kinds of glass to work with: Regular (glaringly clear) and Non-Glare (frosty like an ice storm). Boy have times changed! Glazing (glass) choices now are so fine-tuned that there is a perfect option for any job. Let’s explore further…

Premium Clear: Still the traditional glazing used when fading and glare is not an issue as it only blocks 45% of UV light. This glass works well in any presentation hung in a controlled lighting environment (UV damaging rays can come from indoor lighting as well as outdoor daylight).

Non-Glare or Reflection Control: Less “frosty” than the days of years gone by but also has only a 45% protection against UV light. This glass is ideal for minimizing glare and reflection when hung in a controlled lighting environment. It is recommended that not more that 2 mats be used when using this glass as the artwork will soften and the glass gets further away from the subject.

UV or Conservation Clear: Quickly becoming the default glass used for framing artwork. This glazing still has the look of regular glass with a UV Conservation Grade coating which protects against 99% of harmful indoor and outdoor UV light rays which can cause fading of your precious art work and is ideal for any framing application if reflection-free viewing is not important.

UV or Conservation Reflection Control: Conservation grade non-glare glass solution. This product not only protects against 99% UV lighting but also has a matte-like finish that scatters light to reduce unwanted glare and can be used on any framing project with up to two mats away from the artwork without significant resolution loss.

AR Reflection-Free: The best anti-reflective solution when preservation is not a concern. This high-quality, anti-reflective glass provides 78% UV protection and is coated to create a virtually invisible finish. Ideal for reflection-free viewing without the loss of detail, color, brightness and contrast such as photographs using modern printing processes such as those found at the Camera Shop of Traverse City.

Museum: The premier glass that provides 99% protection against harmful UV rays and is coated with a virtually invisible finish for clarity. The results that this glass gives you is the most attractive and most protective option for all works of art. This virtually invisible glazing will enhance colors, brightness and contrast levels of all types of artwork. Protects valuable diplomas or irreplaceable artwork, like those found at the Dennos Museum, against damage and fading caused by UV light. Also ideal for using in framing applications including shadow boxes, multiple mat or deep framing projects.

Ahhh…. then there are the oversized or traveling pieces of art… No worries, as all of the above finishes are made with lightweight acrylic options as well.

So bring your prized possessions and treasured memories. We’ll help you make them last longer with the perfect glazing choice.


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