Get Your Cape Dorset On: Buy Inuit Art

From 1960, Northwestern Michigan College has been a source of Inuit art in northern Michigan. It all started with a donation to the college, and this librarian named Bernie Rink who bought a couple pieces…and the portfolio grew. (Bernie has since retired, and has his own vineyard.) With the opening of the Dennos Museum Center, the public has had the honor of viewing hundreds of prints, sculptures, and textiles from the permanent collection.

Once a year, the museum has the privilege to conduct a lottery sale of Dorset Graphics. This year’s sale is slated for Friday, October 17, in the sculpture court at the museum. The demand is so great, a lottery is conducted. If you are interested in buying, you may contact the museum store at (231) 995-1586 to receive a catalogue and lottery number. You may view the selection at the Dorset Fine Arts website.

While there, check out the paper exhibit and get our Christmas shopping done!