Cherished Memories: Framing as a Gift

As the summer season of gift giving is upon us, so many things come into play: The perfect dress for the perfect wedding, the perfect menu for the family reunion, and decorating perfectly for a surprise party. Then comes the biggest challenge of them

all: finding the perfect, personal gift. For some, the gift is purchased long in advance, while others simple approach the internet for the perfect “red sweater”. But stop for a moment, and take a look around your home. The perfect gift might just be right in front of you…a cherished keepsake. Now add custom framing. Your gift just became the perfect heirloom.



Gift ideas are limitless. You can start with a family event, or a day that marking a special occasion for the year, such as a marriage or birth of a new baby. Perhaps select a few favorite photos, and arrange them into a mat and place into one frame. Now, add a personal touch, like calligraphy, or water color image onto the mat. These special thoughts are not cost prohibitive, and they add depth and personality to any story you choose.  Is there a movie poster, or concert tickets from that first date you could frame? A ribbon from your first 5K? These are just a few of the possibilities to begin your family wall of traditions.

Now add your parents’ wedding announcement, your engagement photo, and your children’s handprints. Framed memories are a gift with meaning, and , if framed correctly, they will last a lifetime.

Want to take it a step further? Why not visit your local framer. You’ll be astonished by what can be done with you special memories. Perhaps that bottle cap collection, or paper doll assemblage can become a focal point in a room. The special baseball from a home run into a cube, or pin collection from your travels abroad. Frame your great-grandfather’s military flag and ribbons, your mother’s wedding veil, and your daughter’s dancing slippers. Now you have a family gallery to pass down for generations. These ideas are thoughtful and very personal, and unique to the individual they are gifted to.