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Years ago (don’t be rude by asking me how many) we as framers only had 2 kinds […]
My visit to Moynahan’s Gallery in Holland, MI I’ve been around too long. I’m serious. But I […]
It is with great pride that once again, McMillen’s Custom Framing is your proud sponsor of the […]
After a little break from the storefronts of Traverse City, renowned photographer Ken Scott ( arrives at […]
When I started my freshman year at NMC, the first class I attended was taught by a […]
I have another item to add to my “List of the Unusual”: Coral – A pretty fragile […]
I didn’t know that there was a semi-professional baseball team in Midland, MI, but we just had […]
There are so many trends. After 25-plus years in this business, I think I have them all […]
And here’s one more to add to the list On the latest quest to find images for […]
Sharon Kelley Calligraphy
There are some people that just shine – and there are some people that make you shine […]