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Bryan Crouch Traverse City
Why have a bust of community leaders? Many cities you visit throughout Michigan today have prominent busts and monuments of community leaders that represent the area history. Traverse City has several pieces of artwork displayed throughout the city, but currently no busts. The Traverse City Arts Commission is working to change this and has proposed […]
TC Art Walk Banner for Lisa Flahive: piece is a kitchen scene
Colors, mood, and passion all wrapped up into one watercolor painting of a man sitting and playing the piano. The artist Lisa Flahive transforms real life scenes into pieces of art that transport you into the picture as if you were sitting with her as she paints. Her painting “The Blue” was a painting I […]
header image with painting - caption "what's at the framer's house?"
This month, I’m going to walk into a different room of my home, and tell you a little bit about what this picture framer has framed in his house. I’ll explain about the artist, how I obtained it, and where it hangs. Being my second installment of my year-long commitment to this blog, I think […]
feature image - The staff at McMillen's
Much to their credit, many downtown Traverse City businesses are applauded for their polite, friendly, personal service. In truth, numerous shop owners become so familiar with clients that they know them by name and even consider them friends. One such location is McMillen’s Custom Framing, where owner Todd McMillen’s creative expertise, personal service, and playful […]
Jim Dewildt At McMillens
Just a few years ago, I featured a post about local artist Jim DeWildt because he was in the Downtown Traverse City’s Art Walk. You can still read the post here. I recalled Jim from my freshman year at NMC; his big round glasses, furry mustache, and the skills he taught me – that I […]
Collage of Cameron Farley and her work
If you are anything like me, although you cannot create a masterpiece gripping a pallet and brush, you love and appreciate the work of a true artist. We love art because it speaks to us, it speaks about us: it speaks of our lives, our hopes, and brings to light our very imaginings. Cameron Farley […]
The Framer’s Next Question: WHAT are you talking about? WE CAN DO IT! I’ve blogged about some pretty crazy things: People coming into the framer, wanting no frame; my famous Black is NOT a Frame: IT is a LINE, and the ever-popular “My first show is at the coffee house.” But I had something recently […]
McMillen’s Custom Framing has earned the respect and trust of northern Michigan’s finest designers and discerning residents by providing the highest level of customer service and most innovative framing design skill in the region. We help our customers to create beautiful spaces to work and live in. Owner, Todd McMillen is looking for a very […]
So, What Do You Have On Your Walls? I get asked this all the time: “What does the framer have as art on his walls?” I think my first few years in business was the story of the cobbler’s kids with no shoes, or the plumber with leaky pipes. I have a minor in art […]
We have been getting a lot or requests lately for picture lights.  We carried them years ago, with not much success. It seemed like people needed the one size or color we didn’t have on hand, or they didn’t want a cord running down the wall, or calling the electrician was to cost prohibitive. How times […]