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        I’ve been told that you know you have “arrived” when other’s ask you to comment or speak about your profession. I must be honest with you all; I never have really fancied myself as any kind of prolific picture framer:  I’ve just done it for a long time. Recently, a Michigan based magazine, Michigan […]
Nothing goes together better with art than a glass of wine.  And nothing is better than wine with a great piece of art on the bottle!  And that is where we start with our friend,  Kathy Marks, who recently had her work selected by Bowers Harbor Vineyards.  Her art work, which features an image of the […]
This has been one of the craziest summers in the history of the store!  Our town experienced a bigger and better Cherry Festival, the Traverse City Film Festival always outdoes its self, and summer has lasted into October.  The things myself and the crew accomplished were even more amazing, and have made us realize that once again we are […]
It really is all about relationships. After being in the downtown area for over thirty years, I pretty much know everyone.  Around the corner from my store is a lawyer that I have known for many years.  His name is Craig Elhart, and he has been a practicing lawyer for long as I can remember.  The […]
It happened again.  I’m asked the same question, at least once a week – the same question for 30 plus years. Why is Custom Framing so Expensive? I thought it would be in everybody’s best interest to answer this question, using my blog, with the hopes that my words will reach the masses through the […]
We have had the pleasure now for over 20 years to do the framing for our local museum, the Dennos Museum Center.  Not only is their permanent collection something to behold, but they also boast that the have the largest Canadian Inuit collection in the United States.  Over 1,000 prints, sculpture, and textiles exist in the […]
Another challenge recently came into McMillens; a 5′ square silk rug.  Though the project was large, it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary when the customer requested an acrylic box.  That’s where Gemini Moulding comes to play. With a division that specializes in acrylic display, Gemini ‘s Showcase Acrylics has helped us many times with […]
As a framer and merchant for almost 30 years, I have met a lot of people, seen a lot of trends, and had the opportunity to participate in many public art initiatives. Art is always subjective to the person who perceives it; what I like, you may not. What you think as “art”, I may […]
Heather Higham Sunset
There are Commercial Photographers, Wedding/Portrait Photographers, and even moms who go on line to create photo albums.  I have seen dentists that have taken old X-rays and made photographs, and I have even had a doctor in that has photographed and printed vascular studies within the body!  Even the average John can now take a […]
Michigan Artists Gallery
After being in my neighborhood for a number of weeks now, I finally have the opportunity to welcome my new neighbor across the street:  Michigan Artists Gallery. It has been a delight to have their presence on the 300 block of East Front Street, and I couldn’t ask for a nicer merchant to share the […]