Can You Sell Me Nothing?

“Excuse me?! Picture Framer? Can you sell me NOTHING for around my picture?”

It’s been happening a lot lately. Someone comes into my store – it’s busy, full of ideas and examples, people picking up; and someone says “Hi. I want to frame this picture, but I really don’t want a frame around it”.

Let’s read that again:

“Hi. I want to frame this picture, but I really don’t want a frame around it. Can you help me?

While they stand … in the frame shop … with 3,000 frame samples on the wall.

Someone told these people that a frame would ruin the presentation for the artwork. Who is this person, and how do I find this person’s house? I need to talk to them.

So, after some interior designer talked everyone into doing black frames to create a focal point of a grid on the wall – making the photos or art appear to be any afterthought – Someone with a big blond beehive hairdo said “I think the art should have northing around it; let the art stand alone” REALLY! Take the piece you are emotionally attached to enough to want to preserve it and keep it, but don’t put a frame around it. That’s like this crazy idea: Who thought of frames on the wall, with nothing in them? Really? This even takes more effort than walking around looking for a way to hang your art without framing it. Don’t you think it’s kind of creepy – frames with nothing in them? On your walls? Maybe the message you are conveying is “I have no vision or aspirations, but I have boundaries to confine my ideas.” (Deep thought)

This concept reminds me of another thing:

Dolls…with no eyes. What’s up with that?

The Professional Picture Frames association recently posted findings that the average person in today’s lifestyle begins their custom framing experience at the age of 30. Time to start your gallery; time to begin your own traditions.

So, how do I answer this question? How do I frame with no frame? Well, I first make sure the person is over 30, so I know they are no longer living in a dorm room, and then I tell them I’m looking for the person who suggested this idea, but have not found out where he or she lives yet. But as soon as I do, I’ll find out what kind of masking tape they are using.