Boxing the Sea – Creative Custom Framing Project

I have another item to add to my “List of the Unusual”: Coral – A pretty fragile item. The customer wished to make it a “statement” piece in a garden tub area. Though a large piece (Inside dimensions of 30 x 32), I thought the piece was rather “light”, and wanted something simple in the presentation; the customer wanted something massive to make a statement. It was a battle of the creatives, but the outcome I must say, is rather striking.

Using fish line (Yes…the irony…) we sewed the piece very carefully to Crescent mat #7502. It took an hour, and a lot of perspiration. With a black foam core spacer, we set the piece in Larson frame #119630 and used a piece of True-Vue Optic Acrylic for the glazing – Ta-Daa! This is what the framer wanted – I love it! But then, our client wanted to add another frame to the piece. In the framer world, we call it “Capping a Moulding”, we attached the frame on top of the other using off-set hardware. Later, we could remove this cap if we so wished… and with that our customer’s design wishes had been met.

My personal opinion is the frame is a little over-powering. BUT, after placing it in its proper location at our client’s home, I must say the frame actually makes an amazing presentation for the art.

The cap frame, Engelsen’s #2621, added another 4” around, with a finished size of 41 x 43. The frame has a leather/glossy/wet look to it, and looks like a relic just brought up from the ocean’s floor.

A pleasant surprise, and I’ve learned to never say “Never”.