It’s a beautiful time on the Neighborhood!

Michigan Artists Gallery

After being in my neighborhood for a number of weeks now, I finally have the opportunity to welcome my new neighbor across the street:  Michigan Artists Gallery. It has been a delight to have their presence on the 300 block of East Front Street, and I couldn’t ask for a nicer merchant to share the block with.  (As if my block doesn’t already rock the street!)


The gallery is owned by a wonderful soul by the name of Sue Ann Round.  She will tell you that her years in business have brought an array of artists across the country, which we are looking forward to welcoming at her new home located at 317 A E. Front Street, along the banks of the Boardman River, and across from the Hardy Parking Deck. With great enthusiasm, she will inform you about the latest happenings of the art world right here in Northern Michigan. A strong supporter and contributor to the Arts, Sue Ann’s store front is a great addition to Traverse City’s Downtown landscape.

So, here’s how you experience the store, according to those in the neighborhood:

After your 60 minute Yoga session at Yen Yoga , you grab a cup of coffee at our award winning coffee stop, Morsel’s. Then, after stopping by our window to catch the latest in framing, walk to the next storefront, and sign up for your ukulele lesson at Traverse City’s Guitar Company. Stroll across the street to Sue Ann’s, and serenade her with a song.  This will just add to the afternoon of fun as you meet artists as Pat Custer Denison  Char Bickel, and Michelle Tock York .

You won’t be disappointed by the adventure, AND, you’ll be singing like Tiny Tim as you leave! Check out her website!