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It really is all about relationships. After being in the downtown area for over thirty years, I […]
It happened again.  I’m asked the same question, at least once a week – the same question […]
We have had the pleasure now for over 20 years to do the framing for our local […]
Another challenge recently came into McMillens; a 5′ square silk rug.  Though the project was large, it […]
As a framer and merchant for almost 30 years, I have met a lot of people, seen […]
Heather Higham Sunset
There are Commercial Photographers, Wedding/Portrait Photographers, and even moms who go on line to create photo albums.  […]
Michigan Artists Gallery
After being in my neighborhood for a number of weeks now, I finally have the opportunity to […]
Bryan Crouch Traverse City
Why have a bust of community leaders? Many cities you visit throughout Michigan today have prominent busts […]
TC Art Walk Banner for Lisa Flahive: piece is a kitchen scene
Colors, mood, and passion all wrapped up into one watercolor painting of a man sitting and playing […]
header image with painting - caption "what's at the framer's house?"
This month, I’m going to walk into a different room of my home, and tell you a […]