African Jewelry Project

There are things that come into the store that are worth what I call museum treatment:  The most simple and elegant of ideas can make the strongest statement. That is what exactly became of this African jewelry – the most simple idea of a frame made the impact of being in the Serengeti.

Our piece measures 40 x 60, which is a standard size for presentation mat board through Crescent Mat Board.  Our background is Crescent #5555 – A black Silk-like mat that played well against the glass beads that were thread together with copper wire.  Our frame is a simple black shadow from Engelson’s Molding (#2149), but just to adds some sizzle, we lipped the frame with Bella Molding’s “The Zoo” collection (#554552).

A simple spacer our of black foam core at 1”. and we were ready to sew.  This is where the framer comes into important play.  I had glass beads, copper wire – all recently made, sewn onto a “form” I really couldn’t make out.  At first I thought it may be some kind of animal skin – like a leather.  After a little investigation, we have to high-five the tribesman!  The forms, are not made from metal, but are from ..recycled milk containers!  Yes, they are using whatever they can to create their art from found objects!  Filament thread worked perfect for sewing the jewelry to the background. Tru-Vue’s Museum Glass gave these memories the touch of treasured  pieces.

This piece took 4 hours to complete, and cost right around $700.  The trip to Africa was priceless.  The installation included dinner, which made the framer happy.