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Everyday, when I go into the bank lobby of Northwestern Bank, there is a little area that features a Business of the Week. I have seen diapers and shoes, but I believed it was time to feature the town's framer!
What do you do in a basement bathroom?  This small bathroom was updated, but it still needed […]
Meet our resident friend and artist, Charles Murphy. His works are exhibited in many forms throughout our gallery, and our community in Northern Michigan.
We’ve done a lot of out of the ordinary things, but perhaps one of the most unusual was a fishing fly done for a little library in Kingsley, MI.
The Red Wings Were Hung In The Game Room With Care... In hopes that there fighting spirit would soon fill the air.
Imagine walking down the street, and finding a treasure such as this! That's exactly what happened to the young man (though, many years ago!) who was visiting a friend in Chicago. While walking down an alley one day, he found...
There are things that come into the store that are worth what I call museum treatment: The most simple and elegant of ideas can make the strongest statement. That is what exactly became of this African jewelry – the most simple idea of a frame made the impact of being in the Serengeti.
Isn't this cool? Every cadet that graduates from the Great Lake Maritime Academy at Northwestern Michigan College sends in a picture of the first boat that they are assigned to. Click the title to see how this idea has spread into a beautiful collection at the academy
During this years’ Winter Comedy Festival, McMillen’s is a proud sponsor of the best comedian in all […]
Wouldn’t it be great to see art on every street corner?  See it in every store front, […]